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CV Outreach is a free program designed to connect your church to people looking for answers about life, purpose and faith

Who we are

Christian Vision is a global ministry and for the past three decades we have pioneered global evangelism through the effective use of media and online platforms.

By partnering with churches and Christians all over the world we have a goal to touch 1 billion people and connect them with the gospel.

Our innovative global initiatives encourage Christians to share their faith and can help your church to improve its voice in the local community.


How CV Outreach Works

We share the message about God via social media
People respond and ask questions about life, purpose and faith
Those questions are redirected to the nearest local church

How We Reach People With The Gospel

CV Outreach is founded upon the basic premise that churches are ideally positioned to present the Gospel to non-believers, encourage new believers, and care for people with issues or needs.

Every month thousands of people in the UK are asking questions and looking for guidance online that your church can engage with and answer.

Each video that we advertise on social media platforms provides an opportunity for someone to respond with a question or need and these responses can be directed to your church helping your church make those meaningful connections.


What people write in responses?

Story of Impact

An interview with Owen Gallacher, part of the leadership team at All Saints in Worcester. Watch the video and see how CV Outreach is helping All Saints have a voice in the local community and connecting people to his Church.

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